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Instructions on how to use Camwhores Bypass

Because of the mass abuse of previous free tool I made decision to implement a small fee for unlimited access to cover the server fees.

Watch the video below to see that my bypass is working as it should! After making a small payment of 9.99$ in BTC you will gain unlimited access.


We offer an unlimited access to the tool for a small fee o 9.99$ in BTC. The Payment doesn't take longer than 2 minutes.

Please contact us for any questions on

99.9% Uptime

Bypass works 24 hours a day & 7 days a week.

Simple to use

All you have to do is copy & paste private video link.

Up to date

Bypass is instantly updated when something doesn't work.

About Camwhores Bypass

Camwhores is a cam website with hundreds of thousands of cam recordings uploaded. Unfortunately, most of them are set as "private" and you have to be a friend of the user who has uploaded the video. Some of Camwhores users don't accept any friend request and that's why I've created this Camwhores Private Video Bypass.

Creating this tool wasn't easy because Camwhores has a lot of securities that make it very hard to create such a tool. It took me two weeks of constant coding and trial and error to make Camwhores bypass that has a 99% success rate.

As for now the tool is free to use for everyone but if it becomes popular I'll consider making a subscription payment to avoid server overloads. Also in the future, I'll add an option to download the videos directly to your PC but as for now, you can only watch the videos online here. If you want to download the video you can try tools like VideoDownloadHelper.

How it works

Recently most of the existing Camwhores bypasses has stopped working because the administrator of the Camwhores has implemented some securities to the website to make it impossible to watch private videos without being a friend with a specific user. This bypass replaces the public video URL with private video URL. I found a loophole in their code and it allowed me to create this bypass. I can't exactly say how it's working step by step because it could be patched and that's something that I want to avoid.